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Positive outcomes.....

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Welcome to Regis House

Age Range: 5-18
Purpose: Medium to long term residential step down to fostering placements
Beds: 3
Ofsted Rating: Good

Statement of purpose

Regis House is registered as a 3 bedded Children’s Home and is an end of terrace house in the heart of a residential community. It has been designed to provide specialist accommodation for children and young people with moderate to severe learning difficulties, Autism, ADHD and associated behavioural challenges.

Children accommodated at the home may also present with sensory impairment, physical disabilities and sexualised behaviours or equally, with complex health care needs. As we offer care for children with a diverse range of needs, we undergo a careful matching process.

This means that when young people stay, they are with children with similar needs and abilities to keep young people safe and to maximise the opportunities to build friendships and relationships We will also provide a robust planning and matching process working in partnership with Progress Fostering service, and any placing Local authority and their in-house fostering service, to enable the most appropriate foster family.

The aim is to work with children and young people to support them in all aspects of their care, education and health, working towards agreed targets which are set to focus the personal development of children in areas which present barriers.

A lot of emphasis is put on the children having fun and enjoying life to the maximum, with activities planned around their health, educational and individual needs. We pride ourselves in maintaining relationships and working closely with new foster carers/parents, and welcome ideas and involvement from all key professionals.

The staff team will support potential foster carers and parents to develop a sound understanding as to each aspect of the child’s individual needs.

Registered Manager Annette Icke (Netty) has dedicated her whole working career to supporting children and young people. She has in excess of 31 years’ experience in children’s residential care, supporting ASD, ADHD, severe and complex needs and challenging behaviour.

Starting as a care worker and working her way up the ladder, she achieved her NVQ Level 4 Children and Young People’s Leadership and Management award, alongside being a trainer in behaviour management; experience in coaching, training and mentoring staff.

Netty joined Progress in June 2018 and is now pursuing her Level 5.

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