what we can achieve</br> by working together

what we can achieve
by working together

Just Imagine the rewards
of fostering a child

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Just imagine a rewarding
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What makes Progress a great company to work for?

1.   We value the opinions of our staff

As a service-driven organisation, the quality of services we provide is vital to our existence, therefore our staff are our greatest asset. We operate on the incredible performance and efforts of our teams and without their hard work and achievements, we wouldn’t benefit the number of lives we do.


As we operate a collaborative workforce, we encourage them to voice their opinions, suggestions, and ideas. We take on-board their recommendations and actively respond to fulfil them if they can prove they are effective. We like to work on the principle of ‘come to us with an idea, show us and demonstrate that it works, and we will do our very best to support its implementation.’ As a result of this attitude, our staff feel valued and that their voices are heard. Any concepts we execute, we always go above and beyond to ensure the staff member receives recognition.


2.   We constantly evaluate the way we do things

Every day we are continually asking ourselves, how can we be more innovative? We are always looking at the ways we assist and support our staff, our Foster Carers and our young people and exploring how we can improve on that. It is an enormous key factor that we concentrate on encouraging and developing the young people in our care to be the best they can be. We have the same philosophy when it comes to our staff. Our ethos is that we are a company invested in its people and so we are serious about an active focus on continual training, learning and development.


It is imperative that we work outside the remit of our roles across all our services in a collaborative way. We brainstorm and analyse all aspects of our services to ensure we are streamlining our business model; providing the best measures for excellent developmental opportunities for the individuals in our care.


Our staff tell us, that what makes us a great company to work for is our constant commitment to improvement — the clue really is in our name — we are a progressive company within which, people progress.


3.   We embrace change and opportunity

In our opinion, ‘we’ve always done it that way’ is a dangerous and growth-stunting strategy to tackling change in business. As well as actively looking at growing our talent, investing in people and constantly analysing what enhancements we can make to better the development for the young people in our care, we actually take action on the changes we discuss.


We are passionate about everyone within our organisation getting involved in sharing duties. From the CEO to the cooks in the residential homes, no one member of staff is too important not to do something. It is the attitude of ‘if there are dishes to be washed then I will do it’ and the unified belief that there is no fixed expectation or hierarchy in a way that someone is more important than the others. We all work together as one unit to execute the best resolutions that we can, that ultimately lead to overall progress.


If you are looking for a change of employer or even a change of industry, take a look at our vacancies page and see if we have the job for you. We’re always happy to talk to people about opportunities within our organisation, so if you’re not sure what to look for or what the roles might entail, get in touch today and have an informal chat.

Call 01902 561066 or email recruitment@progresscare.co.uk